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COVID Policies


At this time class sizes are limited to 50% capacity. Please register 60 minutes or more before start time. If you find the class is on a waitlist, you may still show up to class to see if a spot opens up from a last minute cancellation.


We appreciate COVID vaccination cards being presented to indicate on your account that you are fully vaccinated, but it is not required. If you are unvaccinated, please wear a mask at all times. 


Masks are RECOMMENDED. Our staff is 100% vaccinated. Many teachers will choose to wear a mask while teaching.


At this time, no towels, blisters or blankets will be provided. Blocks and rental mats are available, please use the disinfecting spray or wipes available in studio after use.


Our brand new HVAC system is upgraded with HEPA Filtration. In addition, we have a freestanding antimicrobial, antiviral HEPA air filtration system. The studio floors and are disinfected a minimum of once per day.

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