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Where are you located? 

Our new location is in the Colonnade Shopping Center in Clifton. 5716 Union Mill Rd. Clifton, VA right near Manhattan bagel. 

I am new to yoga, what class should I begin with?

Welcome to WheelHouse Yoga, and the life changing practice of yoga for your body and mind. Any of our classes that are titled 'gentle', 'healing', or 'SPA', all move a little slower and are a great place for beginners or those who want to take time to deepen their practice.

What do I need to bring to class?

Yoga mat, water bottle, towel and any other props you enjoy using. We offer blocks, and have rental mats for $5. 

Are your classes heated?

Our Vinyasa style classes are heated 80-82 degrees. Most other classes are 76-78.

Do you offer individual lessons or private parties?

Yes! Our team of instructors offers a wide variety of areas of expertise. Athletic performance enhancement and stretching, youth yoga, team sports classes, spiritual deepening, meditation guidance, and more. 

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