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Why Retreat?
Nothing like travel or a change of scenery to shift your perspective and recharge your spirit! 

Mayan Riviera Recharge

Yoga, Adventure, Meditation & Joy  

March 29-April 4


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What's in your WheelHouse?


Our classes are based on the philosophy of the Fluid Yoga approach. Using the classical elements as inspiration we will be become grounded and refine our balance with the earth, explore flowing movements and grace in the manor of water, ignite fire within our bodies through core strengthening and detoxification and empower the air flowing within us through breath control. All classes end in a guided savasana to rejuvenate the spirit.  

Our Gentle Yoga, Spa Yoga and Yin Yoga offer more of the earth balance and grounding...while our Vinyasa, and Sculpt classes tap into our inner fire and connection with breath and movement..and, take your practice to a new level with Trapeze Yoga! For a full description of individual classes see our schedule by clicking here. 

Arrive with an open mind and leave feeling peaceful & powerful.

Past Retreats and Workshops


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